The release of vSphere 5.0 has brought some exiting changes to the way you can manage your VMware environment. Former web consoles were not user friendly and administrators had to utilize the vCenter client install. However, with vSphere 5.0, this has changed. Today, there is a functional and useful interface that was written using Adobe Flex, allowing for cross-platform and browser compatibility. We’ll outline the steps here to install the web client on your vCenter server or an additional server if you wish.

1. Insert the vCenter installation disk or mount the ISO image. Once the installer appears, select the vSphere Web Client (Server) option.
2. Follow the installation steps. After you complete them, additional options will need to be configured so the server can connect to your vCenter server.
3. Navigate to inside your browser (from the server you installed the Web client on).
4. Next, you’ll need to register the web Client with your vCenter Server. Click the Register vCenter server link in the upper right hand corner.
5. A new windows will appear. Enter the credentials and click Register.

vCenter Server URL
Enter the fully qualified name to the server on which you have vCenter Server installed.

Enter the administrator account inside vCenter.

Enter the password you have chosen for your administrator account.

vSphere Web Client URL
This will be the URL used to access the web client.

6. You can now log in to the interface at https://webclientserver:9443/vsphere-client/, which allows you to log in with your vCenter credentials and start managing your virtual machines.

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